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“ C’est un air détaché
Pour chanter le fil enchanté
Le joli fil entre nos cœurs passé
Oh, le fil… ”

Le fil, Alain Souchon

Yoga* was born in India about 5000 years ago.
It is to the sage named Patanjali (half-man half-snake deity) that we owe the reference work at the origin of this way of life: the yogas sutras.
This treatise of practical philosophy, originally royal yoga or Raja Yoga, which explores the various means and processes of transformation and clarification of our psycho-mental system (citta), is the foundation of the constitutive qualities of yoga as a whole: yogah citta vrittih
nirodhah (YSI, 2).

Thus doing yoga is not reduced to a simple physical activity.

Yoga is above all a personal path that takes into account the individual in his or her global and individual dimension; a practice of awakening which, through a process of regular actions, allows us to enjoy a presence to oneself towards greater inner peace and freedom.



The postural practice (asanas) helps improve and maintain harmoniously our stability and our physical and physiological vitality.
However, this body work only finds coherence in its direct relationship with a conscious deployment of the breath (pranayama) which helps to release accumulated tensions, to develop a channeled energy and opens up spaces for « well-being ».
The « meditative sittings » associated with visualization and concentration techniques become a source of unique experiences leading to a sharpened self-knowledge and deep resourcing.
In the same way, sharing, listening, singing recitation and reflection around sacred texts or poems from the Indian tradition are part of an investigation and study of the self (svadhyaya) in the encounter with our own nature (svadharma).

* yoga comes from the Sanskrit root « yug » which means to bind, to link, to unite, to put together …

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