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If by chance a bird / Solo(s)…

December 6 and 7, 2019
8:00 pm

dans la nuit
tout occupée à désapprendre le monde
de loin si loin
ton doigt peignait la grotte de glace
avec la carte chantante d’une mer enfouie
qui assemblait les notes dans le coquillage de ton oreille,
ponts-pierres angulaires
d’Ici vers Là-bas,
tâche d’une infinie minutie
dont la résolution
est donnée en partage aux mourants. ”

Nelly Sachs

If by chance a bird / Solo(s) …, for a shared song that weaves an intuition at the crossroads of an encounter: what if we were the girls of Antigone?

A proposal by Delphine Augereau (acting), Sophie Agnel (music/cordophone), Lara Bruhl (dance, acting), Valérie Kempeneers (video) on texts and poems by Marianne Cohn, Nelly Sachs, Jean Anouilh, Henry Bauchau, Jacques Derrida, Sophocle, and others.

Set design: Lara Bruhl
Choreography of the letters: Tina Bosi, Lara Bruhl
Embroideries : Juliette Michelet
Duration: 1 hour
Production : Cie de l’Acte / A production office / Le Milieu
The show premiered on December 6, 2019 at Le Milieu in Paris.
Communication and distribution: Stéphane Birman / +33(0)6 89 78 12 20

“ Je trahirai demain pas aujourd’hui… ”

Marianne Cohn

Antigone, a myth that has accompanied me for many years: a road companion, a figure of resistance, of disobedience, a power of the origins, an anger against political power and its injustices. She comes back to me, faithfully through various writings but also through current events: Antigone(s) who defend the foreigner, the strangeness, the Other against “the tyrants Creon(s)”.

Almost all of us know the end of the story, Antigone dies in the cave.
Death is unknown, distant, but the feeling of loneliness facing the void of nothingness is familiar to all of us. A feeling that we prefer to keep silent, to bury, most of all not to see?

What if we had to accept not seeing in order to see differently? What if Oedipus’ blindness, Antigone’s blindness in the darkness of the cave offered new ways of seeing? What if we closed our eyes for a few moments to regain our sight?

Delphine Augereau

“ Et la courbe du vol est la courbure même de la terre… ”

Saint-John Perse

Very early on, the gestures of my grandmother and my mother, who routinely embroidered, knitted and patched, marked my childhood.
Relying on their work, not fearing their own selves, they unleashed their history.
They were not talking to the little girl, they were weaving a memory as a legacy.

I knew that clusters of swallows on summer evenings announced a storm.

To dance the figure of Antigone means not being afraid to expose oneself to its own desire; it is to make the body the space for a poem, a cry, a lament, a complaint, that of mourning refused as a force of protest and uprising.

A dance of words, then perhaps: “to open a sky behind every gesture »?

Lara Bruhl

“ Mon thème est l’instant, mon thème de vie. Je cherche à lui être pareille, je me divise des milliers de fois en autant de fois qu’il y a d’instants qui s’écoulent – fragmentaire que je suis et précaires les moments -, je ne me compromets qu’avec la vie qui naît avec le temps et avec lui grandit : il n’est d’espace pour moi que dans le temps…
La musique ne se comprend pas : s’entend. Entends-moi alors avec ton corps entier ”

Clarice Lispector

I have sometimes worked with text and dance. When I work with a text, I try to capture the meaning so that I can then hear only its rhythm. That is to say, once the meaning has settled deep down in the body and in the head, then one can more easily move away from the illustration to enter the work through rhythm. Rhythm is how to give texture to the text, to the work – how to weaken it or make it even stronger -, how to make the language resonate, how to breathe…

Sophie Agnel

“ J’ai voulu faire du cinéma. J’ai tant aimé le cinéma. Sans peur. Dans l’innocence. J’aurais fait n’importe quoi. Et j’ai fait n’importe quoi. Enfin presque. ”

Chantal Akerman

If by chance…
A desert-like image.
Sighting it, looking at it, observing it, exploring it, getting lost in it.
A journey in the instant (snapshot).
A path, a walk, a journey, a bird’s flight.
Going on an adventure and losing track of time.
Visions, a mirage?
Draw closer to the heart.

Valérie Kempeneers


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