Téhima Workshop

« Aleph / Mem / Shin : A dance of balance »

Hosted by Lara Bruhl

Sunday, March 20th 2022
3:30 pm to 6:00 pm

“ Je considère comme gaspillée toute journée où je n’ai pas dansé. ”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Deploy a moving meditation around the “mother” letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Aleph, Mem, Shin.
These three letters, which come from the three elements of nature: air, water and fire, also define the components of a system through which man evolves and maintains his balance between the head, the trunk and the pelvis.

We will take care to explore how these different places of the body and their circulation with the activity of the breath are so many spaces that participate and call to experience each one of these letters in its singular resonance.

Listening to the vibrations, sounds, rhythm and images to which each letter invites us, we will enjoy their poetic flavor through the experience of this Hebraic yoga.

Lara Bruhl

Lara Bruhl is a yoga and Tehima teacher, as well as an actress, director and dancer.

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