Yoga Workshop / Introduction to chakras

« Anahata: Where the infinite expresses itself »

Hosted by Lara Bruhl

Sunday 1st March 2020
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

“ Aime et dis – le par ta vie. ”


In the Indian vision, our life is supported by a vital energy called Prana.
The ancient sages listed seven main spots in the body symbolizing energy centers situated along the spine or at the top of the skull: these are the cakras.

Tradition associates each of them with a circular shape, a dominant color, a lotus flower with a certain number of petals, a totem animal, a sacred syllable…
Their role is to centralize, store and then distribute this life force throughout the body.
Certain knots or blockages can alter this good circulation and cause us to “stop functioning smoothly ».

Anahata Chakra radiates in this symbolic space located in the center of the chest, where our principle of humanity resides, where our ability to love and be loved is expressed.

Lara Bruhl

Lara Bruhl is a yoga and Tehima teacher, as well as an actress, director and dancer.


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