Yoga Workshop

« The body and its five breaths »

Hosted by Lara Bruhl, Yoga Teacher

Saturday, March 16th 2024
3:00pm > 6:00pm

“ Ils ont vu la trace de l’oiseau ”


In the tradition of yoga, man is animated and supported by the activity of five breaths, the « vayus » which ensure the proper functioning of our entire being.
Each one of them has its precise location in the body and plays a particular role.

Thus prana resides in the chest and corresponds to the action of receiving;
apana, located in the abdominal region, controls the actions of eliminating, giving, surrendering
For samana, located at the junction between the abdomen and the chest, it governs integration and assimilation;
On its side, vyana circulates in all the body, it diffuses and spreads the energy in each of our cells;
udana, present in the throat area, is the breath that carries our voice.

During this workshop, we will put in resonance, through postural, respiratory, vocal and meditative practice, the various spaces of the body in connection with the activity of these 5 «  winds” in search of a harmonious vitality.

Lara Bruhl

Lara Bruhl is a yoga and Tehima teacher, actress, director and dancer.
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