Téhima Workshop / Conference

« When the heart dances »

Crossed glances: The heart in the light of Hebrew letters and science

Hosted by Lara Bruhl, Yoga and Tehima teacher and Philippe Lussato, cardiologist

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“ Ne demande jamais ton chemin à celui qui le connaît.
Tu risquerais de ne pas t’égarer. ”
Rabbi Nahman de Bratslav

A dance and science workshop to discover the symbolism of the heart through the danced movement of Hebrew letters.
From the letters that make up the word heart in Hebrew (LEV), we deploy our hearts by welcoming the resonance of the breath in each of our gestures.
This workshop will be given in conjunction with a conference on the mechanism of this organ, its representation through the centuries, its relationship to poetry and philosophy.

Lara Bruhl / Philippe Lussato

« At one end of the world, there is a mountain.
On this mountain stands a rock. From this rock flows a spring. At the other end of the world lives the big heart of the world, because the world also has a heart, and it is its beating that keeps the world alive. One day, as it looks into the distance, the heart of the world sees the spring, and this vision awakens its desire and love. Like all creatures on earth, the heart of the world wants to get closer to its beloved. It then leaves its end of the world and arrives at the foot of the mountain from which the spring flows.

But, once there, it realizes that if it takes one more step forward, if it moves into the shadow of the mountain, at that very moment it will lose sight of the spring. And if the heart of the world loses sight of the source, even for a single moment, he would die, the whole world would die, and all the creatures of the earth would die.
Then the heart of the world stops where it can still see the source because it has understood that from now on it will never be able to do anything but look, and only look.

But the sun is going down, soon it will be dark, and in the darkness the heart of the world will lose sight of the source, and it will die. Knowing this, the heart of the world starts singing. Its song reaches the source. The source hears it and responds to it with its own song. The two songs meet in space and dissolve into one.

And this one song spreads all over the earth, and all the creatures hear it, and they understand, through this song, that at the end of this day the heart of the world will die.
Then their own songs awaken within them.
And as the songs of all the creatures of the earth rise, and the sun goes down, the wind rises and gathers the songs of all the creatures of the earth, and with these songs it weaves, it weaves time.
And that gives just enough time for one more day.
That extra day, the wind weaves it into the heart of the world, which in turn offers it to the source, its beloved, through its song.

And so, made of song and made of love, time is recreated day after day.
And there is always just enough time, never more, always just enough time, for one more day. »

Yiddish Tale

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